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Muscle Up i Romerska ringar

Detta är en 7-steg guide som ska lära dig att behärska t behärska den åtråvärda Muscle Up'en i dom romerska ringarna.


De fyra första stegen är kopplade övningar - en för falska grepp dragstyrka och ett stöd styrka (över ringarna). Under dom sista tre stegen lägger vi till drag, övergången, dip och stödja styrka tillsammans och lämnar dig bemästra Muscle Up.

Jag rekommenderar dig att kunna göra minst 5-15 repetitioner av en övning innan du går vidare till nästa. När det gäller set, reps och dagar per vecka i din träning - hitta vad som fungerar bäst för dig. Följ hur din kropp känns snarare än att bli alltför fångas upp med siffror.
The False Grip In order to hold the False Grip you strive to flex the wrist to 90 degrees and hold the ring diagonally across the palm of your hand. It requires a lot of forearm strength and will take time to build up to. The False Grip is essential in order to perform a strict Muscle Up on the rings. Without it you will get nowhere trying to transit from the top of a pull-up to the bottom part of a dip. The pulling progressions I'm going to post this week will help you gradually build up your False Grip strength.
1a Standing False Grip Row Set the rings at shoulder height and use the False Grip. Lean back until your arms are straight and your shoulders are relaxed. Then pull back up to the starting position in this beginner variation of a ring row. Most people will lack the active flexibility to maintain a good False Grip with straight arms. Give it time for the body to adjust. When your forearms get too tired to hold a good and solid False Grip – rest. Don't push the repetitions with bad form. This goes for all the pulling exercises in this course.
1b Assisted Support Hold Set the rings so that you can stand on your toes while in the Support Position. Keep your shoulders neutral and engage your lats and chest muscles equally. Straighten your elbows. Turn the rings out past parallel. Don't fold your body at the hip area – keep it straight. Look forward and don't hunch over. Adjust the intensity of the exercise with your toes. Start gently and put more weight on the rings over time.
2a False Grip Row Set the rings to hip height. Grab the rings with the False Grip and do inverted rows. Straighten your arms and relax your shoulders at the bottom of every repetition. Try to pull your hands far back past your chest at the top. Don't drive with your hips and don't sag – keep a straight body. Whenever you lose good form or slide out of a solid False Grip end the set.
2b Support Hold After building strength and good form simultaneously in the Assisted Support Hold it's time for the real thing. Set the rings so you can easily jump up into a Support Position. Same cues as for the Assisted Support Hold: Rings turned out Straight arms Neutral shoulders Straight body Look forward A 30 second hold would be a good goal. Abort the set as soon as good form starts to deterioate. Expect a lot of shaking to begin with.
3a Negative False Grip Pull-up Set the rings above your head. Use the False Grip and jump up to the top position of a pull-up. Lower slowly and controlled all the way down to straight arms and relaxed shoulders. Jump up again and repeat. There's more to this than just stacking repetitions – explore slower and faster tempo, try stopping at the top, at the bottom and anywhere inbetween. Always maintain a strong False Grip.
3b Negative Dip Set the rings so that you can jump up into a Support Hold. From the Support Position lower yourself down to the bottom of a dip. Then drop down to the ground. Start every repetition in a solid Support Hold with the cues in mind. As with the Negative False Grip Pull-up – play with tempo and static stops at different places in the exercise. Strength in the bottom position is great for mastering the Muscle Up.
4b Dip Jump up into a Support Hold. When you do the dips go as deep as you can in every repetition. And get into a good Support Position at the top of every repetition. All the way down and all the way up just as with the False Grip Pull-ups. Don't do a bunch of half reps. You'll need good strength in the entire range of motion for the Muscle Up later.
5 Negative Muscle Up Jump up into a Support Hold just as you did with the Negative Dip. Perform the Negative Dip and at the bottom of it make the transition to the top of a False Grip Pull-up. Sink all the way down to a straight arm False Grip hang. Jump up and repeat. Go slowly through the transition. Don't just drop and catch yourself. Use your strength.
6 Transition Start at the top of a False Grip Pull-up and pull through into the bottom of a Dip. Then go back. Do the exercise slowly. Don't kip. Take it easy with this one. Too much too soon will ruin your elbows. Start with single reps and build up slowly. Rest a lot. The more work you've put into a slow transition in the Negative Muscle Up, the easier this will be.
7 The Muscle Up It's time to put it all together – the False Grip Pull-up, the Transition, the Dip and the Support Hold. Don't feel any rush to start doing Muscle Ups for reps. Practicing the different parts can pay off more than practicing the Muscle Up itself. When you reach the stage where Muscle Ups are comfortable to train on a regular basis, you can use the earlier progressions as a warmup. So, to summarize: The Muscle Up consists of the False Grip Pull-up Transition Dip Support Hold Work on the basics and don't rush ahead. As an experiment I tried doing nothing but False Grip Rows and Dips in my Muscle Up training for two months, and my Muscle Ups after that period were solid and pain free. You can use the content in these clips for a long time. I started doing Muscle Ups in the rings five years ago and I still do the basics every week. The plan 1a – Standing False Grip Row 1b – Assisted Support Hold 2a – False Grip Row 2b – Support Hold 3a – Negative False Grip Pull-up 3b – Negative Dip 4a – False Grip Pull-up 4b – Dip 5 – Negative Muscle Up 6 – Transition 7 – Muscle Up

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